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Why WiFi?

The rise of smart phones and ultra-lightweight laptops (“netbooks”) means people are increasingly bringing their own computers with them. They’re favoring personal portability over a large screen on someone else’s computer (like that old clunker in your lobby). When it comes to being portable, nothing beats WiFi; it’s wireless, fast and works with most modern devices. It also saves you having to wire up every room.


Network infrastructure in the form of Switches, Hubs, Network Integrated Cards (NICs), Wireless or cabling forms the backbone of a Network environment. We provide the relevant hardware as well as configure each component to make sure it performs to the expectations, it carries to design, implementation planning, and deployment of product and operational services for your network and cabling infrastructure. We also deliver intelligent network infrastructure that allows companies - regardless of size - to manage their IT investments and support their business objectives.

wifi control Internet traffic management for hotel & apartment

Are your Internet costs rocketing? Is inappropriate use of your network having an adverse effect on your business-critical performance? Is Internet access bandwidth a major bottleneck in your network? If your network has any of these problems then Austai Internet Traffic Management Solution will provide a cost effective solution. Our solution monitors your network traffic and limits bandwidth in whatever manner you specify. The result is an immediate increase in the efficiency of your network together with a reduction in your overall bandwidth requirements while allowing business-critical Internet applications to run at full speed.

wireless camch-cam

We offers our customers a wide range of DVR surveillance system to suit all budgets and environments. Special care is required to ensure that the quality of the image and the storage space needed for those images will meet your needs.  Our solutions provide complete IP network ready and hybrid solution with H264/MPEG4 compression.


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